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Radical SR1 Test with Race Instructor Ben Elliott at Bedford Autodrome

Yesterday (1st October) I got a chance to Drive Radical Sportscars ( new SR1 car.
With the SR1 Radical have created a class aimed at introducing new drivers into the Radical Racing Community. This model looks very much like Caterham Cars Academy Race series that has been a success for many years. To take part in the SR1 cup you must either not have held a racing licence before, or have completed less than 6 races and hold a national B MSA Race License.

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Charity Trackday at Castle Combe raising funds for Florence Nightingale Hospice. In memory of Graeme Breen.

Katie and Ben Elliott ran a Trackday at Castle Combe Racing Circuit to raise funds for Florence Nightingale Hospice.
The Hospice helped Ben's schoolfriend Graeme Breen for over 20 years of his life. Graeme died of cancer in April 2011 aged 28.
30 people booked places on the day and brought friends with them to share the experience. Mother Nature was kind to us with the weather, we had a slight rain shower at lunch time and at 5pm when the day finished.
Grame's Parents Christine and Dave attended the event and were given passenger rides in a BMW M3 - something Graeme always wanted to do.

Friday 10th December Oulton Park - Andy West + Friend in Caterham Roadsport B

Andy West competed in the 2010 Caterham Academy. I first met Andy at Rochingham when coaching another Cateham Academy competitor. At the time it was to show him the in car video of this rather 'interesting' overtake!! (below left) Please note that this is an old Video and I have no association with Easytrack.
Andy is doing a driver training programme to help him get further up the grid in Roadsport B in 2011. This was going to start a little sooner but at the last Caterham Acadamy 2010 round andy had a 'little' incident (Below Right).

Charity Trackday at Castle Combe 27/11/2010

Saturday 27th November was the date for our annual charity track day at Castle Combe Circuit.
This year our choice of charities were Birdham Nursery School and Cancer Research UK.
Birdham nursery are trying to raise funding to have their own building - they currently use the Village hall with a lot of restrictions. They have achieved a grant for 75% of the funding for the new facility. Our day got them 4% closer to their goal.
Cancer Research UK were chosen as earlier this year one of our customers sadly lost his wife to a brain tumour.

Bedford Autodrome 15th November - Lotus Elise Honda and Caterham Roadsport

A crisp sunny day at Bedford Autodrome with new customers Leigh Shardlow (Caterham Roadsport) and David Wells (Lotus Elise Honda). Leigh has been racing his car in the Classic Sports car club's Magnificent Sevens series this year. David had done about 10 track days but this was his first outing in the Elise Honda, his previous outing having been in a TVR.
This was my first day using both of the Track day / Race Instructor Racelogic Video Vbox Units and proved to be a great success in terms of being able to monitor both drivers progress even when not in the car.

Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit 9/11/10

Mark Carter dabbled in motorsport some 15 years ago, taking courses at the Cadwell Park racing school. As with so many racers the funds weren't there to go any further.
Mark now wants to take part in the Volkswagen Cup and has purchased this fantastic V6 Powered Golf from series organisers Racingline.
The car will still be prepared by Racingline and I have to say it was very very nicely finished. Mark contacted me through the Race instructor website and has asked me to put a driver coaching programme together for him.

Airfield Performance Driver Training - Caterham C400

We had good weather for a day of driver training at RAF Alconbury Nr Cambridge.
I organised the day for regualar customer Richard Green to give friends a chance to learn car control and expeirence his racing caterham. I also had a 2nd instructor in one of the groups TVR Grififth.
The group of ten all managed to get a car control session in each car before taking the caterham out on my specially designed sprint course. The half mile circuit is designed to be testing and rewards good forward planning and understanding of weight transfer.

Saxmax Live 6th November 2010 - Bedford Autodrome

The 750 Motor Club ran the Saxmax Live 2010 event to give young drivers interested in the Saxmax championship an opportunity to drive the cars.
The age and experience range varied from 13 year old karters to 15/16 year olds with some car racing experience.
Initially the plan was for Westbourne Motorsport and Fergusson Motorsport to supply a car each for drivers to try. Myself and Ed Pead would be providing the driver training. We ended up with 2 of Westbourne Motorsports cars however as a car transporter hit the Fergusson car the evening before causing a lot of damage.

28th October - Driver coaching at Snetterton

Jonathan Mitchel and Andy Bourne race a Caterham C400 in the Classic Sports Car Club Magnificent Sevens championship.
Jonathan and Andy took advantage of the Track day / Race Instructor Special offer of buying one days driver coaching and getting the second half price. Their first day was in August at Brands hatch where they improved by over 1.5 seconds during the day.
The caterham was fresh out of the workshop with a new Quaife ATB Differential and fresh wheel bearings. Jonathan started the day by running the car gently as one of the bearings had not quite located properly and there was some play in the wheel.

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Radical SR1 Test with Race Instructor Ben Elliott at Bedford Autodrome
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Charity Trackday at Castle Combe raising funds for Florence Nightingale Hospice. In memory of Graeme Breen.
Friday 10th December Oulton Park - Andy West + Friend in Caterham Roadsport B
Charity Trackday at Castle Combe 27/11/2010


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