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Racelogic Video Vbox Data Files
The Racelogic Video Vbox is a fantastic tool for driver training. Below are data files taken from my training days.Please note that these are just the .VBO data files for use in the Racelogic Circuit Tools software. I cannot keep the video files on the website as they would take up too much space!
I will be regularly updating this page with more files. If you would like some help comparing your data to mine please take a look at the Video / Data review service
Rockingham Sportscar Layout:
NEW - Snetterton 300 circuit map for Racelogic Video Vbox
snetterton 300.cir (CIR — 25 KB)
Zandvoort circuit map for Racelogic Video Vbox
zandvoort.cir (CIR — 33 KB)
Donington Park GP Circuit map(including melbourne loop) for Racelogic Video Vbox
Donington GP.cir (CIR — 30 KB)
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