Track day / Race Instructor - Vision - Technique - Pace
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Track day Instructor is run by Ben Elliott, an ARDS qualified Instructor who has been a driver coach since 2003.
Track day Instructor has a wealth of teaching experience in all types of Cars ranging from hot hatches to cars such as Porsche's top model 911's and the Carrera GT.
Race winning experience in Formula Ford, Radicals, Westfields, Ginetta G20's and G50's, Gives Ben a lot of knowledge to draw upon as when providing track day tuition.  
The objective when driver coaching is to help drivers to lap at a higher speed with an equal or greater safety margin than they had previously. 
3 main areas are covered when driver coaching:
  • Reading the road
  • Visualising Racing Lines
  • 'Point of Focus' Visual Technique
  • Correct use of head and eye movement whilst driving
  • Braking - Threshold Braking, Trail Braking, Understanding weight transfer on approach to corners. Left foot braking (where appropriate), Heel and Toe braking.
  • Throttle - Application through corners, Trailing throttle, Use of throttle to manage weight transfer through corners
  • Steering - Effect of weight transfer, effects of combining steering with throttle / brake. Reading car / tyre feedback. Tyre management.
The ability to lap quickly and consistently whilst remaining in full control. This will come as a by product of effective use of Vision and Technique.
The feedback that Track day Instructor has from customers is that training methods help at all circuits, not just where the training took place. New circuits are learnt faster and drivers can analyse their own performance to a much higher level, in effect leaning to be their own driver coach.
Included in the price of a days driver tuition is the use of a Racelogic Video Vbox.The in car footage and telemetry is a fantastic driver coaching tool. All of the techniques above can be analysed and improved in the debreifs between driving sessions.  
The format of a days race or track day tuition is normally to do a 15-20 minute driving session and then have a debrief using the Vbox system. we then take to the track again with new objectives to work on. 
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